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Meet the most fun job
in Europe
6,000 euros in 20 days

Terra Mitica is one of the most fun theme parks in Europe and with the new FUNHUNTER job, Terra Mitica wants to further expand its range of leisure and fun looking for the best entertainment initiatives that can be found throughout Europe.

And what is a funfunter? It is a hunter of fun, a person who detects which are the tastes and ways to have fun of other people.

Funhunter's mission is to detect trends such as the changing attitudes to the fun of the Europeans who went from contemplative to be more participatory, with direct involvement of clients or visitors. Another trend could be the increasing demand for more physical activities in which the action get more prominence. Another is multiexperience, where experiences in principle does not have much common link, although a common thread seen from different prisms ...

meet the world changes very fast, the fun too and we want to be constantly updated.

Our funhunter, is a person that holds a great deal of social skills, social networking expert, fluent in languages ​​with a special grace.The typical person who makes friends up in hell!